Friday, December 28, 2007

Serge freed yesterday!

Dear friends,

A Radical Party activist Serge Konstantinov and 2 other activists of youth oppositional structures were freed yesterday's evening from arrest thanking to succesfful appeal process in Presnensky court in Moscow.

So, the hunger strike announced by Serge as a form of radical and nonviolent protest against unlawful arrest has finished today. We're glad to inform you that this New Year's eve Serge will celebrate in free external conditions, and we say THANK YOU for your possible support of Serge and other people.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma,
Press-secretary of "Free Radicals",
A Nonviolent Radical Party activist.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Radical Party's activist Serge Konstantinov arrested on 15 days,

including the New Year's eve, according to Sunday's verdict of Moscow fascistic "judge". This fuckin' judge sentenced also 2 other young democratic movement activists - Dmitry Konstantinov and Alexey Ignatenko - to 10 days of arrest. After all, other 4 activists who were spectators on that court's process(Valentina Chubarova, Maria Paramonova, Nikolay Zboroshenko and Aleksey Kazakov) arrested after their protests against totally unlawful closing of the judge's meeting. Now they're in the police (until morning), and they're also risks to get 10 or 15 days of arrest.

You must to know, my dear foreign friends, that Russia is absolutely non-democratic, fascistic state, there people have no freedom of speech and manifestations. KGB again, like in Soviet totalitarian times, governs this state. And the majority of our people has totally slavery psychology and mentality, and authorities uses this fact "successfully".

I think that position of Western authorities and parliaments is shameful: they are, de facto, supports fascistic Putin's dictature because of having oil and gass from it. This factor has a quite important role in the fact that our fuckin' dictatorship becomes more and more strong. The elections falsifies, the laws becomes more and more repressive, human rights are not observes.

Important note: Serge continues his hunger strike against unlawful arrest he announced in the midnight of Friday\Saturday.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

News about Serge Konstantinov and other 3 unlawfully arrested persons.

It's unprecedently even for putin's Russia: According to our laws, our arrestants (A Radical Party's activist Serge Konstantinov and others) could not be kept in the police more than 3 hours without judge's verdict, but now they're in police department already 2nd evening, and will be there, at least, until tomorrow's midday! Moscow is Babylon of unjustice and authoritarism...

By the way, Oleg Kozlovsky, whom our activists were trying to protect yesterday, and who was unlawfully conscribed in the "army" of our Reich, was secretly departured from Moscow to Ryazan. He has ill legs and, on this case, serious medical limitation on the regular military service...

Here's special statement of Radical Party:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fresh news from fascistic Putin's Russia.

Dear friends,

A Radical Party activist Serge Konstantinov was arrested again in Friday's evening, and police unlawfully keeps him in the police department "Arbat" in the centre of Moscow. Yesterday Serge, as approx. 20 other men and women, took part in the legal and nonviolent street's action in support of coordinator of OBORONA ("DEFENCE") youth oppositional movement Oleg Kozlovsky, who was unlawfully conscribed in the army these days according to "advice" of the FSB-KGB.

Police officer, in the rough form, said to Serge this midnight that he will be arrested (after tomorrow's so-called "justice decision") on 15 days, i.e. during the Christmas and New Year's eves Serge risks to "celebrate" at the Moscow's prison, not at home, with his wife Katya.

I shall inform you about fresh news concerning Serge and other arrested people these days.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma,
Nonviolent & Transnational Radical Party activist,
"Free Radicals" press-secretary (

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Radical Party activist was arrested and beaten by police in Moscow yesterday.

Serge Konstantinov, an activist of Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational & Transparty, and "Free Radicals" libertarian movement, was arrested and beaten by police in Moscow, during the nonviolent Moscow's "March of Disagree" in November, 24. Serge's now also is one of activists who are participants of presidential electoral campaign of the former Soviet dissident and human rights lawyer Vladimir Bukovsky. Serge took part in that March as, previously, an activist of this campaign.

The police has broken his nose during the yesterday's arrest and freed Serge only in 1 o'clock of night (according to the law they have right to keep him in the police department during only 3-hours-term of arresting maximum), when Moscow's underground (metro) was already closed. Today doctor has officially detected the fact of his beating.

Radical party's officials issued a special press-release in support of Serge (par Italiano):

Press-service of Free Radicals.

Monday, October 8, 2007

American Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty Marks Anniversary Of Anna Politkovskaya Murder.

PRAGUE, October 4, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Friends and colleagues of slain Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya gathered at RFE/RL's Prague headquarters today to honor her memory through personal remembrances and discussions of the struggle for press freedom in Russia.

In addition to today's conference in Prague, ceremonies and vigils marking Politkovskaya's assassination also are scheduled to be held in Moscow, New York, Washington, Stockholm, Hamburg, Paris, and London.

Speaking via video link from Moscow, Dmitry Muratov, Politkovskaya's editor in chief at her newspaper, "Novaya gazeta," recited the telephone number that so many people had dialed to convey the truth about Russia's war in Chechnya and other issues that received little or no coverage in the country's mainstream press.

"798-1034. This telephone number stopped answering on October 7 last year," Muratov said in an emotional speech. "Hundreds of people called this number. On this number, she heard numerous curses and threats. She heard many expressions of gratitude. On this number, people called her to set up meetings during which she was given extremely important information on corruption in the Russian Federation."

Muratov said "Novaya gazeta" will reactivate Politkovskaya's old mobile telephone on October 8 in hopes of reviving the stream of calls ended by an assassin's bullets one year ago. Once again, Muratov said, Russians will be able to call with their pain, grief, gratitude, and information about official malfeasance -- and get a sympathetic ear from Politkovskaya's former colleagues.

Read more:
Special page of Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty in memory of Anna Plitkovskaya

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The New York Times. October, 6, 2007: Save the Gnostics!


THE United States didn’t set out to eradicate the Mandeans, one of the oldest, smallest and least understood of the many minorities in Iraq. This extinction in the making has simply been another unfortunate and entirely unintended consequence of our invasion of Iraq — though that will be of little comfort to the Mandeans, whose 2,000-year-old culture is in grave danger of disappearing from the face of the earth.

The Mandeans are the only surviving Gnostics from antiquity, cousins of the people who produced the Nag Hammadi writings like the Gospel of Thomas, a work that sheds invaluable light on the many ways in which Jesus was perceived in the early Christian period. The Mandeans have their own language (Mandaic, a form of Aramaic close to the dialect of the Babylonian Talmud), an impressive body of literature, and a treasury of cultural and religious traditions amassed over two millennia of living in the southern marshes of present-day Iraq and Iran.

Read more:

October, 4, 2007. Action of Solidarity with Burman Monks and Human Rights Activists and Against Burman Military Dictatorship.

This action took place in Moscow, in front of Burman Embassy; it was organized by our "Free Radicals" libertarian movement and by Russian members of Nonviolent Radical Party. Photo: France Press.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST asks you to take action in support of Burman human rights' and religious activists

It's necessary to do in these bloody days in Burma:

Dear friends, sign the petition against Iranian "president".

Tell Ahmadinejad We Don't Believe His Lies

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has exceeded all the bounds of international relations in his persistent calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, his denial of the Holocaust, and his supposedly innocent desire to develop nuclear power.

Ahmadinejad suppresses academic freedom, denies Iranian students’ freedom of speech, and has aggressively prosecuted student leaders. Iran is suffering from what the World Bank has called the largest brain-drain in history. More than 150,000 academics and other highly educated people are leaving Iran each year.

Please add your name to this petition. And Tell A Friend – share this with your friends and family!


To: Congressional Leadership and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Iran continues to defy UN Security Council resolutions to end its nuclear program. Iran is also a state sponsor of terrorism, stirring unrest in the Middle East and providing weapons for Hezbollah to use against Israel. Its president has denied the Holocaust and called for the destruction of Israel.

We urge Congress and the Administration to continue their support of diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran. Additionally, we urge you to build consensus in Europe and the UN to support these sanctions and maintain pressure on Iran until their leaders pursue a more peaceful agenda.

these sanctions and maintain pressure on Iran until their leaders pursue a more peaceful agenda.

Signatures' form here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

S.O.S. Moratorium!


The 62nd UN General Assembly opens September 24th. According to a Government communication dated September 11, from the co-meeting of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Parliament and the Senate, the pro-Moratorium Resolution will be presented to the UN at the ministerial meeting the day after, September 25th.

The Radicals, however, have not forgotten that in 14 years the approval of the Resolution has been compromised three times by the mistakes and delays, if not the outright ostracising behaviour, of European Governments and, above all, by the Council bureaucracy in Brussels. For more than a decade this bureaucracy has impeded the UN General Assembly voting to approve the Universal Moratorium on capital punishment, where member nations still using the death penalty have been reduced to a fifth.

To achieve the presentation of the Resolution for the Moratorium (again for emphasis: moratorium on the death penalty, not abolition) at the opening of the General Assembly on September 24th, right now Рand more than ever before Рit is necessary to strengthen our non violent movement. This initiative comprises the hunger strike on September 2nd of Marco Pannella, Lucio Bert̬, Guido Biancardi, Sergio D'Elia, Marco Perduca, Michele Rana, Alessandro Rosasco, Antonio Stango, Claudia Sterzi, Valter Vecellio e Dominique Velati (which many other people have joined), and also the extraordinary number of people who have become members to show their support. Becoming a member is a vital part of the non violent action for supporting the Radical Party and Hands Off Cain.

HOW YOU CAN PARTIPATE IN THE INITIATIVE (click on the link of your chosen option)

- MAKE A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE CAMPAIGN (an amount for every day of your non violent initiative or for the total duration of the non violent initiative; or a single contribution) -



*) THE ITALIAN RADICAL PARTY (200 EURO) - if you're an Italian resident -


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Voice of America reporter: "Russian Opposition Says Government Blocks Its Campaign Activities".

By Peter Fedynsky
10 September 2007

The Russian opposition says federal authorities appear to be behind attempts to discourage fair participation in their country's upcoming parliamentary and presidential-election campaigns. VOA Moscow Correspondent Peter Fedynsky has this report.
Opposition news conference, 10 Sep 2007
Speaking at a Moscow news conference, members of the Russian opposition, united in a coalition known as The Other Russia, say their campaign activities throughout the country face continued harassment from local and federal authorities.

United Civil Front Executive Director Denis Bilunov said in recent days authorities have prevented opposition meetings in the cities of Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk, and Rostov on Don. Bilunov describes a failed attempt to rent a movie theater for a political meeting in Moscow.

Bilunov says, "Everything was in order until the very last minute," he said. "On Friday at 12:00 noon, we received a call. Naturally, we had a contract and made a down payment. The proprietor's representative told us the event was not coordinated with city officials and could, therefore, not take place."

Bilunov says theater owners later cited technical problems as the reason for breaking the contract. Organizers then signed a contract with a local hotel, but its owners also reneged.

Bilunov notes that Russian law does not require official permission for meetings in closed venues.

In the past, authorities have used force to break up opposition rallies.

Former chess grand champion turned opposition leader Garry Kasparov says bureaucracy is also used to frustrate opposition activities. He describes the bureaucratic means used to prevent review of a judge's actions in a lawsuit following arrests at an opposition rally in March.

Kasparov says an upper court rejected the complaint, because it determined the lower court's documents were not properly filled out. The violations, says Kasparov, included a rubber stamp supposedly in the wrong place and sheets of paper improperly bound.

Kasparov also says law enforcement officials at opposition rallies are exceeding their authority with greater frequency and are making fewer attempts to conceal their excess.

The opposition leader says, "I think the arrogance found in the lower ranks of the Federal Security Service emanates from the top. The FSB thinks it rules the country and protects - first of all - the regime, rather than Russian citizens."

Russian President Putin has set December 2 as the date for Russian parliamentary elections. The Russian leader is prohibited by the constitution from running for a third term in office. An election to choose Mr. Putin's successor is set for March, 2008.


The Brussel's Journal: CAPITOL OF THE EUSSR. It looks like Putin's Russia...

I just returned home from the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels. The Belgian police beat up the peaceful demonstrators in what even the Belgian public television call "an extremely violent fashion." Here are some video images. The grey-haired man whom we see being attacked by the police first is Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, the Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament. Shortly afterwards we see the police maltreating Frank Vanhecke, a member of the European Parliament and the party leader of the Vlaams Belang.................

Read more:

Special thanks for the link to my American friend, lj-user Lbertarian (

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Please, JOIN US!


From September 2nd 2007, Marco Pannella and other Radical exponents resumes their HUNGER STRIKE.


Following the hunger and thirst strike for “Hands Off Saddam” and the indefinite hunger strike (which started on April 16th and was suspended on June 18th), from midnight on September 2nd, Marco Pannella and other directors and militant radicals have started a new hunger strike. The hunger strike is “to defend the right/duty of the 62nd UN General Assembly (beginning September 24th) to present and debate the proposal for the Universal Moratorium on Capital Punishment.” Those participating in the hunger strike are: Marco Pannella, Lucio Bertè, Guido Biancardi, Sergio D'Elia, Marco Perduca, Michele Rana, Alessandro Rosasco, Antonio Stango, Claudia Sterzi, Valter Vecellio, Dominique Velati.

MARCO PANNELLA'S ANNOUNCEMENT (made following a meeting at the Radical Party headquarters on August 31, 2007)

From the day after tomorrow, September 2nd, the Radical Movement, the Non-Violent Radical Transnational Party, and Hands Off Cain will resume their non-violent initiative. This is to defend the right/duty of the 62nd UN General Assembly (beginning September 24th) to present and debate the proposal for the Universal Moratorium, a right that has been consistently denied for the last ten years.

We must be clear!

The big international mobilisation to make the 61st General Assembly overcome a ten year ostracism and finally vote on the Universal Moratorium did not reach its objective. Once again. Presenting the proposal for the Universal Moratorium was delayed for the umpteenth time until the next AGM. The proposed moratorium has been repeatedly supported by the European Parliament, the Parliament and Government of Italy, and 90 other UN member states.

All the events- the many UN member states changing their anti-abolitionist stance (fifty countries out of approximately 192), the emotion resulting from the trial and execution of the dictator Saddam Hussein, the apparent change of opinion of the bureaucratic apparatus of the Council of Europe's (primarily responsible, from 1994 to today, for the effective obstruction of the Universal Moratorium at the UN General Assembly)- were for nothing.

The news that we have confirms that serious errors and delays are being repeated in the choice of method and apparatus, and in the implementation of the official objective to propose the vote on the Moratorium at the beginning of the 62nd General Assembly. The Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi himself, in presenting the award for "Abolitionist of the Year" to Rwandan President Kagame yesterday, clearly expressed his concern regarding the difficulties ahead, despite the obvious reduction- both in number and in standing- of the countries still employing capital punishment.

The resumption of the hunger strike will bring about an immediate institutional and political reaction by Parliaments and Governments, both European and Transnational. The Radical parliamentarians of the RNP are prepared for this response.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Action of Human Rights First: End Harassment of Human Rights Defenders in Russia!

My dear friends,

On August 29, 2007, police raided the office of the Nizhny Novgorod Foundation to Promote Tolerance, the successor to the Russian Chechen Friendship Society, with an order to seize the organization's computers to investigate alleged "computer related crimes." The police also said that they were carrying out an investigation into the organization's finances.

The raid has resulted in further disruption of the legitimate activities of a non-violent independent human rights organization that has now been the target of sustained repression for over two years. It follows in quick succession the further restrictions imposed on the organization's director, Stanislav Dmitrievsky on August 17, 2007.

Please protest the continuing official harassment directed against the Russian Chechen Friendship Society.....

Click here to take action:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Join and sign this letter! Anna Politkovskaja. In Memoriam.

(In Russian: )

It will be one year on the 7th of October from the day Anna Politovskaja was killed on the doorstep of her home in Moscow.

Whoever it was who shot his gun at her four times was not disguised, and yet is still unpunished, and the same can be said of all those who ordered that the bravest journalist of Russia could remember should be killed.

Nobody knew Anna her own country, just as president Putin stated, with a delicate sense of opportunity, only a few hours after her execution. Small wonder: Anna’s books on Chechnya and on the democratic involution of Russia have never been published over there. Freedom of the press is under threat in Russia, ever since the ruler at the Cremlin is an ex Kgb officer.

Yet, notwithstanding threats and deaths by poison, Anna had decided not to leave her own country, Russia.

Her courageous reportages on human rights violations both in Groznyj and in Moscow were widely known in the West.

And yet, no European Union representative has felt it his or her duty to be present at her funerals. No head of state, no world premier, although speaking of exporting liberty, either.

The world of politics, deeply involved in the attempt to pay Russian gas a few cents less, has paid no attention to her case: the world of culture, though, cannot forget Anna Politkovskaja.

We therefore ask that, throughout Europe, newspapers, theatres, phylarmonic orchestras and single artists organize memorial events on 7th October 2007, in Anna’s memory.

It will be a way of saying to whoever ordered her death: we do not forget.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Take action in defense of Russian human rights' lawyer Stanislav Dmitrievsky!

Lift Restrictions on Russian Activist.

On August 17, 2007, a court in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, imposed more stringent restrictions on Stanislav Dmitrievsky, director of the banned Russian Chechen Friendship Society (RCFS). It is now more likely that Dmitrievsky may be imprisoned and forced to serve out the two-year sentence he received when he was convicted in February 2006.

This court decision is a continuation of the official harassment of Dmitrievsky and the RCFS in recent months, which has included threats, heavy surveillance of the organization's premises, and harassment by law enforcement agencies.

In 2005, Dmitrievsky was the target of a prosecution that appeared designed to disrupt the work of one of the few independent organizations reporting on human rights conditions in the war-torn province of Chechnya.

Despite these official pressures, the organization has re-formed under a new name and is continuing to function. Please call on the Russian authorities to cease interference with the legitimate activities of Stanislav Dmitrievsky............

Read more and take action here:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fucking politically correct paranoia of "struggle against smoking" is to be continued? But where's our noisy riot?!

One week ago England prohibited cigarette-smoking in the public places. It's happened under and because of strong pressure of stupid and shameful modern E.U. bureocracy and the new international moralistic totalitarian sect - World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Nobody of officials being confused, that such decisions are the rough violation over human rights and humiliation of human dignity. And what the prognosis of "health experts"? I laughed sarcastically then I red in the last week's "St.-Petersburgh Times" that only 1 (one!) percent of Englishmen, as it expects, will break smoking as a result of these new unhuman laws!

Why the authorities doesn't agree with positive and non-discriminating experience of 90s, when the smokers and non-smokers were separated from each over by creating special places for both in pubs and cafes?.. Why today, instead of this positive decision of the last century's end, we becomes witnesses of total and shameful tobacco prohibitionism all over the world? And how this fact would cooperate with the modern liberal, and sometimes even libertarian, democracy of the civilized world?..

Fuck anti-smokers!
Fuck W.H.O. officials!
Fuck murders of private rights!

Although I'm a member of Gnostic CHURCH, I completely agree with the author.

Religion is exoteric and spirituality is esoteric.

Religion focuses on the outer person (appearance or expression), while
spirituality focuses on the inner person (thoughts, feelings, and so

Religion is form and spirituality is substance.

Religion copies and imitates, but spirituality discovers and

Religion fills; spirituality overflows.

Religion brings routine. Spirituality brings freedom.

Religion values ceremony. Spirituality values meaning.

Religion imposes rules. Spirituality declares universal truths.

Religion says people are bad. Spirituality says they are good.

Religion empowers others. Spirituality empowers oneself.

Religion is the painting. Spirituality is the flower.

Religion looks to the past. Spirituality looks to the future.

Religion takes discipline. Spirituality takes curiosity.

Religion burdens. Spirituality lightens.

Religion persuades. Spirituality explains.

Religion fears. Spirituality seeks.

Religion defines. Spirituality expresses.

Religion teaches longsuffering. Spirituality teaches patience.

Religion takes away. Spirituality affirms.

Religion limits. Spirituality expands.

Religion requires the acceptance of a belief in place of experience;
Spirituality requires the release of beliefs that hinder experience.

Religion is a bandage. Spirituality is the scalpel.

Religion obscures. Spirituality uncovers.

Religion is the haven of the fearful. Spirituality is the playground of

the joyful.

Religion dulls. Spirituality sharpens.

Religion hushes. Spirituality laughs.

Religion cries tears of guilt and shame. Spirituality cries tears of
release and joy.

Copyright 2007 by Steve Baxter

--from the new book Revolutionary Spirituality: Awakening to Your True
Self by Steven E. Baxter

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Project of My Possible Speech in Helsingin Gay-Pride Meeting in June, 30, 2007, there I was.

Dear friends,

I'm Alex Moma, from Moscow, and I’m glad to be with you, with free people in such free and democratic European country, as Finland.

I’m glad to greet you from the name of Nonviolent (Transnational) Radical Party, that supports Gay-Prides and LGBT-struggle all over the world, and from the name of Moscow’s "Free Radicals" Libertarian Movement.

As you may know, Russian activists of Radical Party – Nikolay Alekseev, Nikolay Khramov and Sergey Konstantinov were going to take part in Moscow’s Gay-Pride of this year, in May, 27. That our Pride was unlawfully prohibited by Moscow’s authorities, it was prohibited under strong pressure of nazi’s clerical and imperialistic circles of Putin’s Russia. Then our activists, as organizers of Pride, decided, according to such situation and for avoiding of mass violence during that manifestation, to limit ourselves by delivering the special petition – in support of our rights on that Pride – to Moscow’s Mayor Y. Luzhkov, petition, supported by fifty deputies of European Parliament. But on the way to the Mayor’s office on Tverskaia street, the police began, absolutely unlawfully, to arrest our activists, and then was a violence from the side of Moscow’s clerical nazis, concerned, particularly, Radical Party’s deputy of European Parliament Mr. Marco Cappato, who later was arrested also, concerned a member of Radical Party’s General Council Mr. Ottavio Marzocci, concerned a member of German Bundestag Mr. Folker Bekk, and other supporters of Pride.

Judicial farces according to fabricated police’s reports against Nikolay Alekseev, Nikolay Khramov and Sergey Konstantinov, who were arrested that day and then unlawfully were retained almost 24 hours, but not 3 hours, as it demands by the law, in the police department, crawled during all last month. There was a serious risk of they would be sentenced to administrative arrest in the inhuman Russian prison’s conditions, but the presence of European, German and Russian deputies, as witnesses of a true picture of events of 27 of May, in the Moscow’s court in the last days of May, had, probably, saved a situation. But later, in June, the judge returned their guilty and sentenced all three activists to paying a fine in the sum of one thousand rubles from the each sentenced man. Particularly, that verdict says that the testimonies of European deputies in support of our activists were consciously false! It’s an additional international scandal, isn’t it?

Dear friends,
I want to inform you that not only discrimination and provoking of stable public hate to LGBT, but also denial of their, and not only their, rights on freedom of nonviolent manifestations are the essential parts of president Putin’s regime in Russia. This political regime calls himself as “a sovereign democracy”, but de facto it is a fascistic dictatorship of new, special type, based on anti-European rhetoric, militarism, xenophobia, clericalism and homophobia. Now Radical Party’s activists initiated company for rejecting European visas, as it was adopted earlier concerning Belarussian officials, for all Russian officials, including Yuri Luzhkov, who are personally guilty in the violence over civil and human rights of the different groups of citizens of Russian Federation. And I think that only international solidarity of LGBT-activists, liberal and libertarian politics, and human rights lawyers all over the world could save situation with human rights and, particularly, with rights of sexual minorities in such problematic countries, as Russia.

Thank you very much and
kiitos paljon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Putin's Russia as Fascistic Dictatorship of Special Type.

Somebody <> wrote in "Gnostic Politics":

Topic: Did God or the Demiurge[?] tell Bush in invade Iraq and to
wage war? What do you thinkk of this?

My today's answer:

I think not only G.W. Bush, but all the U.S. neo-conses, with their total moralistic quasi-religious sanctimony, heard the voice of Jaldabaoth, not God's! But our "President", Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is much worse than Bush, I think he's even straight incarnation of somebody from Demiurge's "Angels" crowd: he invaded Chechnya and killed democratic freedoms in Russia - almost all freedoms. And he's establishing, step by step, Orthodoxal-clerical type of state in Russia of the early 21th century.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma,
a member of
Ecclesia Gnostica Russica,
Moscow region, Russia.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Terrible Situation with small confessions of Iraq. An open letter from the one of American Gnostic bishops.

As many are aware, there is a deeply mystical tradition quite proximal
in many ways to Gnosticism (and has been called as such in the early
church) in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Unfortunately,
those Churches are located in a current war zone.

Father Robert Lyons sent out this message, and I wanted to forward it
to you. Please keep these communities in your prayers.

T. Vincent II

*A Chaldean priest and three deacons killed in Mosul*

Fr Ragheed Ganni, 34, was hit by gunfire in front of the Church of the
Holy Spirit. Three deacons, who served as his aides, were also killed.

An armed group gunned down and killed *Fr Ragheed Ganni and three of
his aides*. The murder took place right after Sunday mass in front of
the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul where Father Ragheed was parish
priest. Sources told *AsiaNews* that hours later the bodies were
still lying in the street because no one dared retrieve them. Given
the situation tensions in the area remain high. For some time since
the fall of Saddam Hussein Christians have become victims of what
amounts to an open campaign of persecution often denounced by Chaldean
and Orthodox bishops. Father Ragheed himself had been targeted several
times in previous attacks. The Church of the Holy Spirit has also been
repeatedly attacked and bombed in the last few years, the last time
occurred but a few months ago.

May the souls of Father Ganni and his deacon-aides, through the
infinite mercy of God, rest in peace; and may their senseless deaths
bear fruit. May the blood of these Martyrs nourish the Church in Iraq
to stand firm in her witness against injustice, oppression, and hatred.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Signatures' collecting to Director of Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty. It's very important! Sign it too in comments!

Jeffrey Gedmin, Director, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Dear Mr. Gedmin!

We, long-time listeners of the RFE/RL's Russian Service, are hereby petitioning to you, Director of our favorite radio station, regarding the current situation with Dmitry Savitsky's jazz program.

As you may know, "49 Minutes of Jazz", one of the most popular programs of RFE/RL's Russian Service, was closed in April, 2004 after 16 years of weekly broadcasting. Dmitry Savitsky, Russian Service Paris correspondent, a famous writer, essayist, and journalist and a great connoisseur and expert in jazz music, was the author and the presenter of that program.

His jazz program, one of the three most highly rated ones, was closed in spite of its great popularity among listeners. According to some sociologic research RFE/RL's Russian Service, now managed by you, lost approximately 30 per cent of its regular listeners after the program had been shut down.

It comes as no surprise that the Russian programs produce by Radio Liberty lost such a big part of their audiences since Mr Savitsky's challenging and rich in content jazz program had long been a hallmark of Radio Liberty. Many Radio Liberty listeners developed their attachment to Radio Liberty by enjoying "49 minutes of jazz". They started to appreciate other RL programs such as the news, political analysis or cultural reviews only later after getting used to and falling in love with "49 minutes of jazz". After the demise of Mr. Savitsky's program they lost the stimulus to listen to Radio Liberty so they switched to the Internet getting news analysis from various web-sites not necessarily from the RFL/RL's.

In April, 2007, three years later Mr. Savitsky's jazz program went on the air again to our delight. We heard the familiar jazz bumper again. We were very glad that jazz would again be part of our favorite radio station programs. However, it is a pity that this jazz program has now been reduced to 9 minutes from almost 50 (and "49 minutes of jazz" was also repeated during the week), as it used to be in the period from 1988 to 2004.

Mr. Director, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is impossible to squeeze into 9 minutes any serious discussion (including the dialog with us, the listeners) of the history of jazz, its latest developments, interesting biography data of prominent jazzmen, reviews of larger jazz festivals around the world, new jazz books, and CDs.

In our view, "49 minutes of jazz" was undoubtedly the best jazz program of the Russian-language radio both in Russia and beyond. "49 minutes of jazz" was fresh and full of non-banal thoughts and live irony; it excellently reflected the spirit and the atmosphere of American and European jazz clubs, jazz recording studios and concert halls of the New York City, New Orleans, London, and Paris. And last but not least, it brilliantly and deeply expressed the spirit of freedom and democracy, especially in the manner of the dialog with the listeners. This spirit of freedom and democracy is so much needed in the contemporary authoritarian and almost dictatorial Putin's Russia.

We would very much like to listen again to the reborn full-format jazz program by our favorite presenter Dmitry Savitsky.

We are requesting you, Mr. Gedmin, to do everything possible to restore justice to us, listeners of Radio Liberty in Russia and the other countries of the world. We are asking your favor and help in restoring the former, "long" Dmitry Savitsky's jazz program on our favorite radio station.

Sincerely yours, -

Radio Liberty listeners and jazz fans
(signatures and e-mails):

Anna Susid hanna72[&&&]
Alex Moma alex_rainy[&&&] , malekz2001[&&&]
Georgy Zherdev gzherdev[&&&]
Tatiana Ilyina plut-007y[&&&]
Ksenia Knorre kknorre[&&&]
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Natalia Lebedeva nl314[&&&]

and many other listeners of Radio Liberty, who would like to contact you regarding this matter, but who cannot do so because they do not have access to the Internet.

Signatures, added after sending this petition:

Aleksander Gajewski Aleksander_Gajewski[&&&]
Eugeny Keppul jaugene[&&&]

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fuckin' blog...

Livejournal.con is much better and much more functioning! If not for site, entering only on the base of this blog, I'd never create my blog on this fuckin' account!