Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Gnostic brothers and sisters,

I wish to congradulate you with Saviour's Incarnation Day. Merry Christmas, and don't forget about our common serving to Gnosis.

Alex Moma, Ecclesia Gnostica Russica.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Radical, liberal and libertarian friends.

Dear friends,


in December, 23, in 5 o'clock in Moscow will be process against Radical party and Free Radicals activist Serge Konstantinov according to paragraph 20.2 of Russian Administrative Code. There's no risk of his inprisonment (5 -- 15 days) on that paragraph (unlike p. 19.3), but there's a risk of fee and, as a result of such verdict, a risk of his (and Mikhail's too) future criminal prosecution (on falsified basis - article 318, "violence against representative of authorities") in the case of administrative judging of Serge.

Today's process against Mikhail Kriger on p. 20.2 wasn't finished again because of police's falsification of the proceeding's documents. Earlier falsified administrative proceeding against Mikhail and Serge according to paragraph 19.3 were returned to the police by judge.

I hope somebody of European Deputies or somebody from the Italian embassy in Moscow will present on these process for supporting Serge.

The Address of the court:
Moscow, Center, Novaya Ploshchad', 7\8, build. 1.

Thanks you.
Alex Moma, partito radicale, Moscow.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Serge and Mikhail were freed yesterday. But the administrative processes against them will be.

Dear friends,

After 48 hours in the police district Mikhail and Serge were freed. BUT - ...

see the post right above this.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear friends,

Radical party and Free Radicals activist Serge Konstantinov and Solidarity movement activist Mikhail Kriger were arrested today in Moscow during the peaceful and nonviolent street action in support of Constitution and constitutional freedoms.

Police falsifies against them paragraph 19.3 of Russian Administrative Code, and there's a high risk of their unlawful imprisonment on 5 -- 15 days.

The phone numbers of the ploice district: +7 495 623 25 24, +7 495 623-25-25.

Thank you for possible help!

Alex Moma.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Excuse me for long silence. This year (and, as I hope, only this year in so wild life-regime) because of serious scientific and, at the same time, Gnostic work I have no free time to write here, because posts in English occupies more time and personal energy than in Russian as a native. But today I'd wanted to celebrate with you (virtually) an important data in the history of modern Europe: yesterday, according to the decision of Russian Constitutional Court, death penalty in Russia was de-facto finally prohibited. We, Radical Party's and "Free Radicals" activists, are very glad and hope that our so-called "parliament", at least, will ratify the
6th Additional Protocol to the Human rights convention of the European Union, that prohibites death penalty on the lewel of internal law.

Thanks to all of you, who signed our petitions against death penalty in Russia (and all around the world).

Partito Radicale transnazionale on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gay-Pride in Finland.

I think this year's Helsinki Pride Parade was even much better than 2 years ago, because:
1. There's no terrible heat like that time - only 20 degrees now, and cloudly. So fine!
2. My old friend Petri now guides me in special kahvila...
3. The musical part (in the park, after parade) was better, than 2 years ago.
4. As it seems to me, today there were much more beautiful (namely beautiful) girls and young people in common.
5. There was much more heterosexuals (like me), many with their children. And without traditional for Russia clerical-orthodox fucking bullshit' roarings about "destroying of family´s values", etc.
6. Food in the park wasn't so expensive: tea for 1, and sausage for 1.50 E.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reposting: Human Rights First on Facebook and Twitter. Join and discuss!

Dear friends!

Will you join Human Rights First on Facebook?

HRF have launched a Facebook page where you can find information about our current campaigns and take action on critical human rights issues online.

Become a fan now and join the HRF-community.

Its page is new and growing – they are posting new videos, blogs and commentary daily to keep you up to date on what’s going on at Human Rights First and within the broader human rights community.

You may join it at

You can also follow HRF on Twitter:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sign the petition in support of repressing art-curators in Russia!

Drop Charges against Russian Art Curators.

In Moscow, Yury Samodurov, a human rights activist, and Andrey Erofeev, a museum curator, are facing criminal prosecution for organizing an exhibition entitled "Forbidden Art 2006" at the Andrei Sakharov Museum. In June 2007, an ultranationalist religious organization, Narodnyj Sobor, submitted a formal complaint about the exhibition to the public prosecutor's office, which brought charges against Samodurov and Erofeev for inciting religious and ethnic hatred under article 282 of the Penal Code. The two men could be sentenced to up to five years imprisonment. The Tagansky District Court in Moscow is scheduled to resume hearing the case behind closed doors on June 5, 2009.

Human Rights First has documented a disturbing pattern of threats and assaults against human rights activists in Russia over the past few years. The Russian authorities have also increased bureaucratic and legal harassment of human rights organizations, launching investigations and prosecutions, disrupting public events, and carrying out raids and searches on dubious grounds. Several human rights defenders and supporters of opposition groups in Russia have faced criminal charges for expressing dissenting opinions or criticizing government authorities.

The charges brought against Samodurov and Erofeev represent the latest attempt to curtail freedom of expression in Russia. Antiextremist legislation-and in particular Article 282 dealing with incitement to hatred-has been misused to target human rights activists and other non-violent activists who are critical of the government. Take action now to demand that the charges against Yury Samodurov and Andrey Erofeev are dropped and the case closed.

You may sign it here:

Monday, May 11, 2009

If somebody didn't read it, I'm recommending to read.

James Robinson (well-known editor of the Nag Hammadi Library in English),
"The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Lost Gospel". New York, Harper & Collins, 2007.

From the review by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty, published in :

The original document, designated as "The Gospel of Judas," has been, according to Professor Robinson, "kept under wraps until now, to maximize its financial gain for its Swiss owners. The grand expose is being performed by the National Geographic Society, timed for the greatest public impact, right at Easter. Those on the inside have been bought off (no doubt with considerably more than thirty pieces of silver), and sworn to silence on a stack of Bibles -- or on a stack of papyrus leaves." Robinson's book was obviously rushed into print (there are citations from as late as February of this year) and I suspect this was done to predate National Geographic's "Grand Event" and provide a contextual background for it when it occurs.


I've just red an official Russian translation of the book and say thank you to Dr. Robinson for this honest research.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Concerning recent political murderings in Russia. Take this action of the Human Rights First!

.... Demand that Killers of Human Rights Defenders in Russia be Brought to Justice
On January 19, Stanislav Markelov, a human rights defender and lawyer, was gunned down in the middle of the afternoon in downtown Moscow. Anastasia Baburova, a freelance reporter working for the newspaper Novaya Gazeta who was with Markelov and tried to intervene, was also shot and died hours later.

Markelov was a well-known and respected figure in Russia's human rights community. He was the president and founder of the Rule of Law Institute, an organization formed to protect human rights and the rule of law. As a lawyer, he represented victims of human rights abuses in Chechnya, independent journalists, and victims of neo-Nazi violence. Baburova had written a number of reports on Russia's growing problem of racism and neo-Nazi violence for Novaya Gazeta.

Russian human rights defenders, including lawyers, journalists, and other activists, are used to dangerous conditions such as violence, threats, and unfair prosecution. But the brazen killing of two human rights defenders, in daylight and in front of dozens of witnesses, marks an alarming deterioration brought about by impunity for prior attacks. The Russian authorities must conduct a prompt, thorough, and transparent investigation, identify those responsible, and bring them to justice.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I support Israel. Completely.

I think its actions against HAMAS are absolutely justicial. Israel realizes its root right on self-defense and long-term anti-terroristic strategy. I hope this campaign will be more successful than "Lebanon" campaign-2006.

"My" Transnational Radical Party also allways supported Israel as democratic state.

Good night.